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Best furnishing solutions from Lithuania Worldwide - we can fulfill any client’s furnishing needs. From design to installation our partners are leading Lithuanian designers, architects, engineers, project managers and manufacturers. In our experience, specific solutions works best, so we are getting the right companies work together to propose the right solution to fulfill a client's unique need.


The first step for us is to understand your needs and wishes, because every client has more or less different processes, business areas and challenges. Only then we can offer some potential partners, which can match your requirements. We are thinking that the most efficient way to start a business is eye to eye, and we can support you with this if you select and start working with recomended company we will support you and supplier for the first few projects to get everything run smoothly.

We are responsible to our clients, partners and environment.

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In Lithuania we have over 700 furniture producers and they can fulfil every client’s demand. It’s not only chipboard, our partners working with every kind of material used in interior – metal, solid wood, synthetic rock, upholstery and more. Lithuania manufacturers are working with different batch sizes from one kind unique product to mass production for IKEA. You can find economical furniture manufacturers as well as high end.

Most suppliers are specialists in their own area, it could be Shopfittting, Horeca, Marine, or Offices. Their proven experience turned into furniture, and you probably have used one of them at home, office, hotel or seen at public spaces. From that comes two great benefits, from one side they are specialists in specific area, from another they can be very competitive with others.


It's difficult to choose a right partner with same values from variety of suppliers, it can be time consuming with all cultural differences - with our know how we can help to choose the optimum partner. 

production in lithuania

Lithuania located in the geographic centre of the Europe. Klaipėda – Lithuania‘s port city is 4th biggest sea port around the Baltic Sea. There are 3 international airports. Good road communication to all Europe.

Lithuania is the fastest growing economy in European Union. There living over 1,6 million working age people, education level is 25% higher than EU average, 40% of young people have high education. The average salary is below average of the EU. In terms of corruptions Lithuania is 5th not corruptive country in the world.

Over last decade production volume of furniture doubled in Lithuania, it creates about 10 percent of Gross domestic product. Lithuanian manufacturers are second largest IKEA producer. So it’s good market to purchase furniture.

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